Infrared films are specially sensitized to record the near infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as visible light.

Characteristically, black and white infrared photographs are mysterious and ethereal in appearance and conveyed feeling.  Usually images contain dark or black skies with grass and foliage recording in white tones.  Prints look grainy with a glow occurring quite often around lightly-colored or white objects.

Color infrared film is a false-color slide film that produces beautiful and bizarre color effects by altering the color of objects.  Depending on the specific filter used (red, orange, blue, green, or purple), vegetation will reproduce as either orange, red/orange, or magenta.  A blue sky will appear as either natural blue, blue/green, magenta, or brown.  skin tones will look either yellow, orange, or magenta.  Man-made objects will also not appear as we see them.  A red barn for example, will appear yellow when an orange or yellow filter is used with this film.

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